As a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on all our dedicated members and volunteers to help us make things happen.  We also have a great team of coaches to deliver our high-quality programming.


Gym Manager:  Kaleigh Chase










Rec Coach:  Abigail Stolp

Coach Abigail has been involved with gymnastics for 12 years, and has been coaching for 3 years.  She really enjoys helping kids discover that they can do things they never thought they could, and she especially loves seeing how kids' faces light up when they finally get a new skill! 

Coach Abigail is very popular among our littlest gymnasts, although she loves working with gymnasts of all ages.  Her biggest coaching goal is to help kids have fun doing gymnastics and to foster in kids the same interest and passion for the sport that she has always had! 

Coach Abigail also works as a coach in the Homeschool program, and her favorite events in gymnastics are the vault and uneven bars.




Rec Coach:  Abraham Gomez





Rec Coach:  Taylor Brack




Rec Coach:  Bethany Bridges












Tumbling Coach:  Nick Rosales




Tumbling Coach/Boys and Girls Team Coach/Rec Coach:  Terrall Quigley

Coach Terrall is originally from Vancouver, Washington and has spend most of his life in cheerleading. He cheered in a very successful highschool program then went to the University of Hawaii on a cheerleading scholarship. 

Coach Terrall has been coaching tumbling since 2011 and over the past 7 years has coached all over the world from Japan to Peru. He has also done professional cheerleading for 2 NBA teams. 

Coach Terrall is hard working and determined and he is passionate about the things he cares for. He is currently working on a degree in small business at NMSU and is a cheerleader on the NMSU Cheer team. He coaches classes at CGA ranging from beginner rec through optionals level team. 


Rec and Girls Team Coach:  Bailee Minnick

Coach Bailee was a gymnast for 15 years, beginning at age 2 and retiring as a level 6 competitor after her junior year of high school. After retiring, she still wanted to stay with the CGA family, so she began coaching! 

Coach Bailee currently enjoys coaching our 4-5 year old Lizards and our Beginner Girls Jackrabbits classes, and is happy to share her knowledge and love of gymnastics with all our beginning athletes. 
Her favorite things about coaching are the life lessons gymnasts learn from the sport, including working through fears, determination to succeed and a positive mindset. She loves making her students laugh and smile, and seeing them work hard and improve.

Coach Bailee works hard to make the gym a positive and fun place that athletes will look forward to coming, especially when needed as a break from a hard or tiring day!





Girls Team Coach: Samantha Dufrane 

Coach Sam started gymnastics at 7 years old and quickly fell in love with the sport. She began competing when she was 11 and reached Level 7 before retiring. Her favorite event is the uneven bars.

Sam has been coaching for 3 years and currently coaches Level 3 gymnasts on our Girls Competitive Team, as well as our Tumbling Classes. She loves  seeing gymnasts progress through skill levels and helping them learn and master new skills.

The most rewarding part of coaching for Sam is seeing the excitement in her girls' eyes after they have worked hard to learn a new skill and have finally mastered it!



Girls Team Coach:  Leslie Herrera

Coach Leslie did gymnastics for a short time when she was five years old, but wasn't able to continue. She missed the sport so much that she would line up sawhorses in her yard and practice balance beam maneuvers on them. Growing up, she concentrated on soccer instead and became an accomplished player.

Recently, Coach Leslie has come back to the sport of gymnastics, coaching at almost every level, from beginner girls to Girls Team. Her favorite events are balance beam and vault. Coach Leslie spends a lot of time at the gym, either coaching or keeping an eye on her kids, who are on the boys and girls competitive teams. When she's not at the gym, she can be found attending her kids' gymnastics meets or soccer games, teaching beginner aerial dance, or knitting.





Boys Team Coach:  Seth Beard

Seth Beard coaches our Boys Gymnastics Team, including level 4 through level 7 gymnasts. He is also a certified judge in the state of New Mexico.

Coach Seth has been involved in gymnastics since he was 8 years old, and began competing at 10 years old. He enjoys all mens events, but his favorite event is the Pommel Horse. 

For Seth, the most rewarding part of coaching is seeing our boys team gymnasts master new skills. He loves seeing the next generation grow into this phenomenal sport - Gymnastics encourages not only physical but also mental fitness. Seth has been passionate about gymnastics since childhood, and he draws on that passion as he coaches the next generation of gymnasts.




Boys Team Coach:  Chris Lambert