Recreational Gymnastics - Boys and Girls age 6+

Cruces Gymnastics Academy offers a comprehensive recreational gymnastics program for both boys and girls.  SAFETY and FUN are the foundation of our program, and we keep those two aspects first and foremost in every class! 

We offer separate boys' and girls' classes that teach progressive skills based on the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic events for each. The Tumbling class for combined boys and girls focuses on developing Floor Tumbling skills specifically.

Our curriculum encourages gymnasts to develop skills and strength at their own pace. Gymnasts move up on an individual basis; our coaches evaluate gymnasts advancement readiness on a monthly basis.

Girls train skills on Uneven Bars, Floor, Balance Beam and Vault events.

Boys begin working on Floor, Rings, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Pommel and Vault. 

Our Tumbling class is great for girls or boys, covering all the basics of running and standing tumbling, such as handstands, cartwheels, round-offs and back handsprings, and incorporating more advanced skills as appropriate.

Most importantly - ALL our classes are designed to keep your kids engaged and active... and having FUN!

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Recreational Classes Boys and Girls Age 6+


Girls - Jackrabbits

Boys - Antelopes


Girls - Roadrunners

Boys - Rattlesnakes 

Girls Pre-team Evaluation Required

Boys Pre-team Evaluation Required 


 Boys and Girls age 6+ 

Homeschool - Armadillos

Beginner/Intermediate Boys and Girls age 6+ 


Important Policies for Recreational Classes:

Class Tuition Payment Policy

Makeup Policy for missed classes


Ready to join us for class? Here's what to wear:

  • Leotards are preferred for all girls rec classes.
  • Boys can wear leotards in rec if they wish.
  • For recreational boys and girls classes if a leotard is not worn, clothing should be comfortable and easy to move in, and not baggy.  Leggings, athletic shorts and fitted athletic shirts work well.
  • Jeans are not allowed.
  • Zippers, buttons and snaps are not allowed.
  • Jewelry may not be worn, other than small studs.  
  • Hair must be secured away from the face.

Our attire guidelines exist to ensure the safety of all gymnasts and coaches. 

Students who do not follow the attire guidelines may be asked to sit out of practice.