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  • April Girls Team Prep Series 
    • Spring Team Preparation Series
      “So you want to be a competitive gymnast…”

      Ages 5+
      Every Saturday in April from 9am-10:30am except the weekend of Easter (Saturday April 16th)
      The 4 week session is $80/gymnast.

      This 4-week series is designed for gymnasts in the CGA recreational program who think they might someday want to join CGA’s competitive girls team. We will focus on strength, form, flexibility, and basics that gymnasts can use in their journey toward joining team. Having a strong base in these areas will help gymnasts to be safe successful as they gain new skills and progress through the program. Gymnasts and parents will get to know the coaching team and learn what they are looking for. You will receive ideas for what types of things gymnasts can focus on in their regular classes and at home to reach their goals and there will be a half hour at the end of the last session for a special Q&A time for parents.
      Each practice builds upon the last so it is very important to attend every class. There are no make-up options for this class.

      This series will be run by the following coaches:
      Coach Natalie Garcia (Geckos and Whiptails instructor, former competitive gymnast at SAGA in Albuquerque)
      Coach Claire Beard (Preteam, Jackrabbits, and Whiptails? Instructor, former competitive gymnast at G-Force in Rio Rancho)
      Coach Taylor Brack (Jackrabbits and Level 2 girls team coach, former competitive gymnast at Gold Cup in Albuquerque, NMSU and Steele Slate cheer team member)
      Coach Bailee Minnick (Gray Foxes, Roadrunners, and Level 3 girls team coach, former competitive gymnast at CGA)
      Coach Leslie Herrera (Level 4- Optionals level girls team coach)

      We are excited to work with young gymnasts and share our love of all things Girls Team!

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